Remember, a project isn’t “finished” when the code goes live, especially a content-managed site.  WP gives us so many tools and options that there isn’t time to cover everything in one course. The topics below are good areas of independent study as you move forward with WordPress.

To keep your living, growing WP sites in shape, here are some recommended resources for you to check out:


  • How to break WordPress and fix it again – Tip: don’t delete everything and start over!
  • Theme Check – Runs your theme through the Theme Unit test with the press of a button – mandatory if you are submitting to the Repo!
  • Debug Bar – presents a nice interface for examining errors in debug mode. Makes errors less scary!

Database maintenance and migration  plugins

  • UpDraft Plus – automates backups and repairs of the Database – can save to your dropbox, cloud, rackspace, s3 and more
  • WP Migrate DB – Makes moving WordPress to a new location a snap   Also check out my updated slides with a step-by-step of how to use this plugin

Security and configuration tips:

Content Wrangling, working with content authors


And finally, if you like massive roundups: The Top 100 WordPress resources of 2012