WordCamp San Francisco

WordCamp San Francisco

What is WordCamp?

WordCamps happen annually all over the world, and are a great opportunity to learn, network, meet new people, and even build new business relationships.

From the WordCamp site itself:

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

WordCamps are gatherings of people of all backgrounds and skill levels with WordPress – everyone from newbies to advanced developers to casual users will be in attendance. The goal of all WordCamps is to learn and to help others learn.

Assuming you already have your ticket, Here’s what to expect at the event:

What to do beforehand

Since WordCamp is for so many different types of users, The schedule is broken into different tracks, all happening simultaneously in different rooms. It’s important beforehand to pick out the talks you want to attend, but be prepared to change your mind mid-event. If you do change trakcs, do so between speakers. never get up and leave mid-presentation.

Check out the map and figure out how you will travel to and park at the event.

Check out the attendee list and make sure your gravatar, twitter handle and website are displayed on the list (when you bought your ticket you received an email with a link to edit this info)

What to bring

  • Your brain
  • A smartphone, tablet or laptop – to take notes, bookmark sites, follow speakers on social media ( #wcsd2015 )
  • Business cards in case a potential client or employer is standing in front of you!


Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

At WordCamp

WordCamp Swag!

WordCamp Swag!

Arrive before the opening remarks to pick up your badge, have some coffee, breakfast, and chat with like-minded WordPressers.  You don’t need to bring your ticket, just tell them your name at the front table.

Head to whichever room your chosen first track is in and get comfortable!

One of the things you’ll understand from the very first session you attend is that WordCamps provide lots of information. It’s almost impossible to take down all the information as presentations are happening, which is why they record all the presentations and then later post them on wordcamp.tv. There may even be a live stream if you are unable to attend one of the days. Presenters usually post their slides and sample code, so make sure to bookmark their sites and follow them on twitter.

Lunch is served mid-day, and usually a snack is served in the last quarter.