Code Snippets:

HTML & CSS: Simple Blog

Here is some example markup to give us a starting point for Read More

Styles for Product Widget


CSS Additions for custom post type – products

Add this to the end of style.css in your theme to style Read More

Breadcrumbs function ,

Source: Dimox Place in functions.php, call in your theme with dimox_breadcrumbs()

Slider Style

Admin Panel Table example html , ,

This is a good starting point when adding pages to the admin Read More

Custom Comment Callback , ,

Awesome CSS

Grab it from GitHub

Improve UX when commenting in threads ,

Place this snippet in functions.php, and when someone clicks ‘reply,’ the comment Read More

Attach Styles or Scripts to Plugin , ,

Place this code anywhere in your plugin php if you need to Read More

Plugin Comment ,

Add to the top of your plugin’s main PHP file

Improve Excerpts , ,

Add to functions.php to make the default the_excerpt() better!

Activate Hidden WordPress Features ,

Place any of these lines of code in your functions.php file as Read More

Register Sidebars , , ,

Adds widget areas to your site. Paste the code in functions.php

Separate comment count from pings , ,

Add this to functions.php to prevent pingbacks and trackbacks from showing up Read More