Here’s a how-to on putting Xampp in your pocket.

That tutorial is for Xampp, but if your drive is low on space or you want an even easier setp, I recommend Xampp Lite. It works on a drive other than C:\ right out of the box. Here’s the basic procedure:

  1. Download Xampp Lite
  2. Download the EXE version onto your drive. Run it. This creates a folder for xampp on the root of your drive (something likeĀ  X:\xampplite)
  3. When it’s done, run Xampp control or Xampp start and test out http://localhost in your browser.
  4. Xampp is now running off of a portable drive. Put your files into X:\xampp\htdocs to test.

note: you must “exit” the version of xampp running on C:\ before running your portable copy, if you already have xampp on your computer.